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30 Minute Resorts - The Fontainebleau

Updated: 2 hours ago

Credit to Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

Miami Beach has many great resorts. One of the best is The Fontainebleau. Guests arrive at Miami International Airport, get their luggage and have a 30 minute luxury ride to famous hotel. You'll get a preview as cross Biscayne Bay, it's hard to miss.

The Fontainebleau is a self contained, destination resort just 30 minutes from MIA. There are all kinds of entertainment options for a weekend visit. Top of the list is the pool party every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the Arkadia Day Club. With a DJ and hundreds of guests, it's an exciting way to spend the afternoon. At night, the world famous LIV is ready for you.

The dining options at the hotel are numerous. Hakkasan is an innovative and exquisite approach to Asian cuisine. Prime 54 is a traditional steakhouse with prime beef and all of the standards.

A short ride away is Roasters 'N Toasters. It has a truly great breakfast and fantastic deli sandwiches. It's perfect for a recovery spot on Sunday mornings.

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