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What About MIA Customs?

What about MIA Customs?

Art Basel, The Miami Grand Prix, Miami Music Week, Ultra Fest, The Miami International Boat Show. All of these events and more draw huge international crowds to Miami. They arrive through Miami International Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and the busiest international airport in the United States. Over 51 million passengers passed through in 2022. 22 million of those passengers were international arrivals and departures. Many of those 22 million passed through the 3 international arrival areas at MIA. Today, we’ll explore those areas.

MIA has 3 international arrival areas, D, E and J. They are illustrated on the map above. To track the actual flight, I recommend using the official MIA real time tracker. Bookmark this link. The chart is sortable by airline, flight number, city of origin, arrival terminal or time. Just click the line at the top of the selected column.

The Customs D Exit during a rare, calm moment.

Customs D

Customs D is on the ground floor of the North Terminal.

You’ll come down the circular walkway and exit here. Our chauffeur’s meet you here with a name sign. This area is very crowded with family reunions from all over the world on a daily basis. It is really great to see families reunited and is sometimes an exercise in patience to wait behind them.

Customs D services American Airlines and all of their partners.

The Customs D Starbucks secondary meeting point.

If your chauffeur isn’t waiting, the best bet is to go to your right for about 100 feet. There is a Starbucks coffee counter and it’s the best secondary meeting spot.

The exit from this area is door 8. The crosswalk outside door 8 leads across to the bus island where your chauffeur can pull up for a curbside meet if you request.

The Customs E exit

Customs E

Customs E is located on the ground floor of the central terminal. It is less crowded and easier to meet you chauffeur. When you exit, the chauffeurs are lined up with name signs along the glass wall. If your chauffeur isn’t standing by,the best secondary meet up spot is the La Carretta coffee shop located at the exit. Enjoy a warm Cuban welcome to Miami with a pastellito or cafecito while you wait.

Customs E services British Air and a few other carriers. Sometimes they close the exit at 8 PM and the passengers have to walk over to Customs D to exit the secure area. This is at the discretion of the airport and is not announced or scheduled

The exit from Customs E is door 9. You’ll proceed out directly to your waiting car after a short walk with your chauffeur.

The Customs J Exit

Customs J

Customs J is located on the 3rd floor of the North Terminal. It is the largest and newest of all of the customs terminals. It services all of the Star Alliance partners like Swiss, Lufthansa, Air France and Delta. It also services LATAM, Aeroflot, LOT and many smaller European carriers.

If your chauffeur isn’t waiting for you with a name sign, the information desk is straight ahead. It is the best meeting place for Customs J.

The Customs J Information Desk

When exiting this terminal, it is best to take the elevator or escalator one flight down to domestic departures and exit door 26 if you have requested a curbside pickup.

When arriving in Miami from an international city it can be confusing and very hectic. Please use this guide to make your arrival easier. Aventura Limo has a full luxury fleet serving MIA and all of South Florida. Please call us at 305.306.5466 for reservations or order your ride online at. www.aventuralimo.com.

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